Why Prime Consult

At Prime Consult, we seek to develop a thorough understanding of your business and personal circumstances to provide a set of specialized services for your specific needs.

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Our Services

Our tax and financial services

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Tax Advisory Services

We provide views and interpretations of the latest and prevalent rules and regulations in written and verbal communication. It is applicable to the individual cases of your industries including Cross-Border Tax Issues.

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Tax Disputes

Our Tax Disputes Resolution professionals have assisted companies in preventing, preparing for, and responding to challenges by tax authorities. We can save your time and potential costs by working collaboratively with you prior to, during, and after the tax examination process.

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Tax Compliance Services

Playing in a game of an ever-changing intricate system and a set of regulations, which include the high risk of significant penalties, can be significantly complex and problematic. We are dedicated to lending a helping hand to serve as a beacon to light the way in order to thrive.

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Transfer Pricing Services

The importance of transfer pricing rule has captured the tax authority’s attention. We will ensure you carry out relevant transactions in accordance with tax regulations and transfer pricing guidelines.