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Tax Compliance Services

Playing in a game of an ever-changing intricate system and a set of regulations, which include the high risk of significant penalties, can be significantly complex and problematic. We are dedicated to lending a helping hand to serve as a beacon to light the way in order to thrive.

Corporate Tax Return

We will obtain all the necessary data required to prepare tax returns, review financial statements to determine any tax exposures, prepare the fiscal adjustment based on audited financial statements, discuss the fiscal adjustments and the exposures with you and the auditor, prepare the Annual Corporate Income Tax Return / SPT Form – 1771 (excluding lists of depreciation, entertainment lists, promotion nominative lists, and transfer pricing transactions), and file the Annual Corporate Income Tax Return to report to the Tax Office.

Expatriate & Individual Taxation

We will help you to prepare Individual Tax Returns through data gathering, analysis, and the necessary Tax Returns to submit to the Tax Office.

Monthly Tax Compliance

We will assist you during the preparation of calculating and remitting Monthly Withholding Tax Reports to be submitted to the Tax Office.

Payroll Processing

We will help with related processes and calculations of payroll data such as regular income (salaries, allowance, overtime pay, insurance premium, and benefits) as well as irregular income (bonuses, THR/Festivity Bonuses) in order to obtain Take Home Pay after any necessary deductions.

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