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Tax Disputes

Our Tax Disputes Resolution professionals have assisted companies in preventing, preparing for, and responding to challenges by tax authorities. We can save your time and potential costs by working collaboratively with you prior to, during, and after the tax examination process.

Tax Audit/Verification

We will review and file the necessary documents needed to be submitted to the Tax Auditors, represent your company to the Tax Auditors during the course of tax verification in explaining the activities or transactions, identify the corrections made by the Tax Auditors and prepare the related tax argumentations and calculations. In order to have favorable result to your company and to receive the assessment letter on the tax verification from the Tax Auditors, we will discuss with the Tax Auditors before finalization on the tax verification.

Tax Objection and Appeal

We will help you in preparing and filling any objection letters to the Regional Tax office/Head of Tax Office, gathering and compiling necessary supporting documents, reviewing and submitting the required documents to the Regional Tax Office/Head of Tax Office. We will also represent and/or accompany you at the Regional Tax Office/Head of Tax Office in explaining the activities/transactions for the most favorable of results to your Company, discussing with the tax officers before finalizing any objections for the most benefitting of outcomes, and receiving the final decisions on objections from the Regional Tax Office/Head of Tax Office.

Tax Refund

We will obtain all the necessary data required to prepare tax returns, review financial statements to determine any tax exposures, prepare the fiscal adjustment based on audited financial statements, discuss the fiscal adjustments and the exposures with you and the auditor. We will also prepare the Annual Corporate Income Tax Return/SPT Form – 1771 (excluding lists of depreciation, entertainment lists, promotion nominative lists and transfer pricing transactions) and file the Annual Corporate Income Tax Return for reporting to the Tax Office.

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